Flight Facilities - Two Bodies feat. Emma Louise

Another fine act from Australia I’ve had on a radar for the last year or two are now ready to take over the world. Flight Facilities can rock the party with that famous sweet funky naughty Aussie synth sound, but judging by this fine fine single off their coming debut album, it seems like they can do much more than move your feet.

This song is rather addictive. The cursor seems to be drawn again towards the play button the second it’s over. That’s probably why it earned itself an extended version.

Watch out for these two come Oct 27 as they release their debut album Down To Earth. Worst case - it’s gonna be alright. But I can think of quite a few other scenarios.

Herbert - Bumps


I was never much of a Herbert enthusiast. But once in a while, well, I am. Check this HOT thing off his new Part 7 EP, out Sep. 14th. 

True - it can get irritating at times, but isn’t almost anything and anyone genius like that? BTW - if you happen to actually be into that annoying quality of the song, you’re just gonna LOVE the rest of the EP!

Totemo - Host


I’m going to be cautious here, as this is only the first song to see the light of the day, taken off a full blown EP by Totemo to be released two months from now via Tel Aviv based future-perfect thinking label BLDG5, who you might and should remember as the home of Garden City Movement. I should be careful because knowing Totemo’s previous work as Rotem Or, I’m very much aware that a few listens are never enough when it comes to her music. Her songs never cease growing, expanding, going deeper and farther into the listener.

So careful I shall be, and will only say, for now, that Totemo is something else. Under her new and improved moniker she takes her somewhat ominous melancholic sweetness to the next level, moving a step away from folk and into more electronic soundscapes. She does that while staying very true to her already very defined sound, melodic vocabulary and everything else which made anyone who previously listened to her music fall deeply in love.

I’ll leave you with this for now. Host is an engulfing and enchanting piece of music, its eeriness I guess a perfect metaphor to the shivers one gets when listening to it. It’s so beautiful it really can get frightening.

Kindness - This Is Not About Us

Oh my. Second song off the coming Kindness album has hit the web. And it’s pretty as a picture.

RaBo & SnoB - Bashan


Two of Tel Aviv’s veterans, Eyal Rob and Ronen Sabbo, have recently joined forces to form a disco edits powerhouse under the name RaBo & SnoB. The two have a rich history of working together including playing out as a Dj duo, creating and performing as part of the quite legendary Soulico crew for more than a decade and probably lots more I’m forgetting about. Add that to full blown personal globetrotting careers spanning all other things music from journalism to producing and there should be nothing surprising about the very high quality of their recent collaborative work.

Their latest output feels like a culmination of all this prolificacy, as they take a somewhat forgotten gem of 70’s Israeli music by local Pop hero Yigal Bashan and turn it into a deep rolling slo-mo Yemeite acid disco jewel, cooked overnight and served in the best form of tradition and hospitality. 

You’re gonna love this one. Listen below, and do pop by their soundcloud page to take the grand tour.

Etienne de Crecy - Hashtag My Ass


Etienne de Crecy shares his latest offering off the very recently released Super Discount 3. Hashtag My Ass is a synthed out and funked up little Electro jam, complete with a video full of all sorts of REAL bootie shaking, bouncing and wiggling apart from the one that took over this last year killing everything sexy in its path to world domination.
For some reason it seems de Crecy thought he needed more than just round, lush grooving buttocks, and made the entire video interactive, allowing it to connect to your Instagram, draw your images from it and feature them on record covers in the video itself, wisely associating your tags to the songs lyrics. 
Now that’s a whole lot of creative thought and work put into the simple concept of very literally bringing the song’s title Hashtag My Ass into life.

Head over to www.hashtagmyass.com to instantly get yourself and your Instagram “art” in this video. Or just watch the simpler no-you version below.

You can also just listen to the song here, if you really feel strongly about getting as far away from asses as possible:

xxxy - Clocks

Feels like xxxy is in a good place lately. His latest releases have been big, and while the initial wave of hype that surrounded him about two years ago had subsided a bit, his creativity definitely hasn’t. Another testimony to his mad skillz is this ambient track he is now giving away, demonstrating his mastery of melody, production and emotion, with or without a driving beat to accompany it.

Tensnake & Jacques Lu Cont ft. Jamie Lidell - Feel Of Love (Boys Noize & Djedjotronic Remix)

There were so many opportunities along the way for this song to be perfect  Starting off with Tensnake, that’s basically enough. But nope. Add some Jacques Lu cont and fucking Jamie Lidell, yet still it’s a miss. man, even the video is almost fun at times, but mostly plain irritating. Surely though, Kaytranada saved the day with his remix? No. Even the wonder man could not hit that spot, and the curse lived on. 

But the spell has been broken with the magic combo of Boys Noize’s filth and Djedjotronic’s magic touch, who together cook up a naughty electro hop style broken, funky and satisfying version of this song, that could not deserve it more. 

Here it is:

Kindness - World Restart Feat. Kelela and Ade


With the 2012 release of his debut album World You Need A Change Of Heart Kindness instantly became one of the most refreshing musicians around. It’s an album I have been going back to again and again ever since.

It’s time to get excited again as we now have a wonderful sweetpill of a song right here, first thing to pop up in anticipation for the release of his sophomore album Otherness come October 13.
Meanwhile - This. On repeat:

BSN Posse - Costa Del Sol

I shall name this new genre Post Del Mar!

The Kooks - Forgive & Forget (Yarin Lidor Remix)


Tel Aviv future Rn’b dirtysweet beatscraft legend Yarin Lidor is at it again, this time with a remix of Forgive & Forget by The Kooks. I love how more than once while listening to this you get the feeling the track is about to turn into a piece of in-your-face horrible EDM kind of affair, only to be very much relieved to find out it was building up only to smoothly bring it down again, all nice and polished, with his trademark shiny quality throughin and throughout. 

Big up!



Daptones sort of slow funky drums, a menacing distorted vibrating guitar a-la Portishead and some smooth smooth vocals. Adrian Younge and A Tribe Called Quest’s Ali Shaheed Muhammad produced quite the Sweet N’ Dark pill right here for Bilal.

Tokyo Hands - I Want It That Way

Well crafted jokes are always the best ones.

George Michael - Fastlove (Part 1) (Ben Gomori’s Get Down Edit)

Edits are a great way of turning guilty pleasures into less guilty ones.

Rejoicer - LOVE beats


This is not the best summer we’ve seen, here in the Middle East side. Everyone’s dealing with it differently, and Rejoicer, the man and the legend, seems to have dug deep to find some comforting grooves. Pleasure’s all ours:

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