You dig and you dig, and sometimes you hit gold.

It all started for me with somehow stumbling unto sloslylove. It was probably about two or three years ago, and I probably thought he was making sort of Nu-Disco-New-Wave something. It was great music, all polished and heartfelt, and no one else had really heard of him. I enjoyed his tunes a lot, and tried to spread the word a bit, but that was about it for me. 
Naturally, I stuck around.
A few very solid releases down the road, and a couple of years later, with the release of the first sweet sweet tune off his very recently released Haunted LP, sounding as good as he ever has, I started sniffing around.

First thing I found was East Troy. They’re a duo. They’re friends and colleagues of his. They make these sort of mellow and romantic synth driven small songs. They’re very accessible. Feels like you’re listening to something your homeys made. It’s good. It feels good.
So the people of East Troy, they make music with sloslylove. Together they’re called Dogi. I listen to Dogi. I listen again. It’s absolutely amazing. The same engulfing sound and warm fuzzy intimacy is blended with sloslylove's arpeggios and syncopations, with his more energetic grooves. It's a perfect blend. I'm loving it. I dig deeper.
I find AMhour. It seems to be the main hub for this family. I don’t know if that’s AM hour or Amour misspelled, or both or none. I actually know very very little. I’m constantly having to piece little bits of information together. sloslylove's from Eau Claire, Wisconsin. Dogi who apart from him include Adept and Pink Ranger with her misty forbiddenly inviting vocals are apparently from Minnesota. East Troy seem to be named after a high school near Minneapolis. I’ve never been to all these places. I know they’re in the Great Lakes. Their music sounds just like something from somewhere like that.
So, there’s also VANDAAM. Who are they though? I’m confused man. It’s sloslylove again, he’s always behind all of this. This time it’s with Adept and Lady Midnight. I don’t really care by now. It’s still the same magical spell, again with that no barrier no make up reach out and touch it intimacy. It’s perhaps a bit more organic and lush, a bit liss whispery yet still very synthesized, still deep and gorgeous.
And there’s more. There’s the album orchids & flowers by orchids & flowers. They’re also from Eau Claire, but there’s no more info as to who they are. I’m guessing…. It’s sloslylove and Adept again. They are coming off more held back, coiled in, more lo-fi than East Troy, but the common genes shine through unmistakenly.
I’m drowning here. Welcomingly sinking into a pool that is all pure shy slow 80’s highschool naive analog love, full of fat basslines, reverb glazed snares, layered with chorus dipped keys, sprinkled with the occasional giggle and surrounded by heaps of emotion. It’s the west coast frozen in the winter lake. It’s Europe’s 80’s reincarnated in a group of North American kids. It’s music to drive to. It’s music to dive to. It’s a best kept secret. It’s an act of nature. It’s Force Majeure. Oh, and, of course, it’s all on cassettes.

Please take a minute, take an hour, take a week or two and get into it. Check out all of their bandcamp pages (follow the links). They deserve it, and more so, you deserve it too. This gang might get their break and make it big someday soon, or they might stay at home, up in the attic, looking out the window at the lakes and the snow, or just at their high school yard, making some of the most beautiful music out there. Whatever comes, you should be a part of that as well.

Closer - Song For The Lovers

Absolute magic right here. Slo-mo disco sunshine glitters with more than a touch of that Poolside vibe. Loving it. And to think this gentle gem is produced by the notoriously filthy and full on kind of guy Hervé..

Jessie Ware - Share It All

After the immensely gorgeous Tough Love now comes the second single off Jessie Ware’s coming sophomore album, and it’s by far absolutely no surprise that it is just as gorgeous.

Jessie Ware has her own signature take on the Midas touch. Everything she touches melts your heart. This song goes even deeper, and more emotional than the previous one, so girls, bewarned. 

Chrome Sparks - Losing U


Despite being one of the most fascinating and unique producers out there recently, Chrome Sparks is still a bit of a well kept secret. If you don’t know now you know, and better do something about it. And if you do know, you’d be thrilled to hear his new, heavy on the dreamy side, free download popsicle:

Pop Lock Presents: A Boogie Birthday Special!


Today we celebrate 3 years of Popping & Locking.

We’re damn excited!
We’d like to thank all of you wonderful music lovers with this free giveaway, a Boogie special, with music by the good people who’ll be doing their magic behind the turntables tonight at our Boogie Birthday party at the Teder pop up bar, Tel Aviv.
What we have here is a slowed down hypnotic edit by Hectik, a somewhat experimental boogie lollipop by Kalimist, and a lil’ short somethin somethin by yours truly as well ;)

Get it all for free here!

Or listen below:

Jerome C - You Better Think


Considering this blog has set out to be a platform for pushing the sound of my hometown of Tel Aviv, it’s quite a disgrace that only now is the first time I’m featuring the music of the talented Jerome C here.

With releases for Wolf + Lamb’s Double Standard Records already in the bag, Jerome now brings his elegant round groove to Apersonal Music, with The Wind EP, out July 13th. 

You Better Think sees him sample the super classic JB infused Lyn Collins’ Think, turning it into a delicious mellowed out slo-mo-disco bomb. Ain’t no mistaking this vibe. Pure real soulful groove.

Check it here:

Jessie Ware - Tough Love (Cyril Hahn Remix)

Alright here we go. This gorgeous song sounded like the perfect remix material from the first second, and we’re now ready to start hearing them pouring in.
Enter: Cyril Hahn. We’ve loved him on his Destiny’s Child remix and many other of his releases, and here he delivers a straight up shiny bouncehouse joint of the song. Proper vibes.

The single’s out Aug 3rd. We’re absolute fools for Jessie Ware so we’ll be updating with the rest of the remixes, that underground savvy Jessie surely picked wisely.

Reginald Garland - Chillin’ Out (Poolside Edit)

Hopefully you did not miss out last month on the splendid summery Daytime Disco mix by the ever smooth Poolside. Now they’re sharing one of the laid back edits they’ve cooked up for the occasion, for your free download and groove out pleasures. Bon Appetit!

Tommy Jacob - Last EP

This sucks.

Listening to this deep, sad and engulfing beautiful EP, and reading Tommy Jacob’s text about it, saying: “I hope that you’ll like it because it’s kinda my last musical project…”
It hurts losing such a talent to the facts of life. Man’s gotta bring home the bread. Let’s hope in the future Tommy finds his way to make a living and make more of this magic. Usually, at some point he will realise he just has to :)

For now though, there’s not much reason to cry (besides the music itself) as we’re left with this free download 6-track wonder. 

Klaves - Tell Me


Let’s ignore this unbelievably adorable image for a second and try to focus on the music.

Flirtini are, I don’t really know man, they’re some sort of a collective or label I guess. They explain everything thoroughly, but, in Polish. Either way, they are all about brave new music, and their quite recently released Heartbreaks & Promises compilation was one of the freshest sounding things out this year.
Well, they are now quickly following up with a second part of the compilation, this time widening their roster beyond strictly Polish producers, while staying true to that well Polished (get it???) groovy synthetic sound.
I guess they’re gonna be doing the same trick they did last time, of releasing a new track every few days, and this is the first one to hit the shelves, by Klaves.

It’s all free download via their page so go go go!

Chet Faker - 1998 (Roland Tings Remix)

Roland Ting is way underhyped in our opinion. Listen to this slow burner heavy feeler remix he made to one of the best cuts off Chet Faker’s debut album to understand what the man’s about.

Teen Flirt - Faithful


There aren’t that many Mexican producers out there, so It’s rather fantastic that one of the only ones we know of is actually a big favorite of ours. Straight outta Mexico City, Teen Flirt comes complete with his own diverse and prolific Finesse Records, and a knack for sweet and filthy melodical beats.
It’s been about a year since we’ve last heard of the dude, most memorable perhaps for his remix of Korless’ Lost In Tokyo, and now he’s back with a new, free download EP called Welcome Home, which is a step forward in forming his own unique style, that includes incorporating some more traditional sounds from home into his futuristic no-borders WWW influences.

Here’s a track off the release which seems to encapsulate all of this and more:

GL - Won’t You See

From Melbourne, the city that previously brought you the elite funk of the Bamboos, the divine soul of Kylie Auldist and so much more groove, now comes a new boogie outfit called GL. Too early to tell where this new endeavor will lead, but we’re loving how it is starting off.

Have a go here: (Free download via their FB page)

Jamie xx - All Under One Roof Raving


I normally don’t write here about stuff that’s already been posted on XLR8R, since, well, it’s already been posted on XLR8R? 
But I’ll make an exception this time, as I feel I must share this stunning and rather unique new one from definitely one of the biggest producers out there these days - Jamie xx.
Apart from being a big musical influence and subject of admiration for many, myself included, It also happens that I have been postponing getting my hair cut for a few weeks now, and I find Jamie xx to be a big inspiration when it comes to that as well.
Enjoy this one. Out now via Young Turks. Comes complete with a minimalistic geometric music video messing around with the Iconic Jamie xx album covers image.

Woman’s Hour - “Conversations” [Fort Romeau Remix]

This must be the most groovy and indie we’ve ever heard Fort Romeau go. And we love it. As usual. This dude is magic.

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