B. Bravo - Kiss ‘n’ Tell


You know how when you expect too much of something you are more likely to end up disappointed? Well this is not the case.

B. Bravo has been, in my opinion, the undenied Future Boogie don, ever since I heard that epic Computa Love joint sometime late 2009. Many cats out there are trying to master this space funk vibe, but most of them, as good as they might be, can’t seem to come close to that feel of ease that encompasses his super laid back groove and his uncompromising production values.

The collaborations here with vocalists Zackey Force Funk (another favourite of mine which I already blogged about), The Gent$ and longtime Opolopo collaborator Lady Alma work wonderfully to elevate the tracks without harming their immaculate flow.

Couldn’t ask for more from this EP. Big big up B. Bravo. Keep ‘em coming. And don’t have us waiting for so long next time, eh?


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