Digging Digi


Though he’s been active since 2004, I only first stumbled upon Italian producer Cristiano Crisci AKA Digi G’Alessio's music in Grillo's latest Bubblegum Beats mix on Space Invader Radio. Then today I saw Finest Ego's post about this EP, and was immediately captivated.

Disco Zambra’s beats are a perfect fit to my tastings. Fresh, crispy beats, with a lot of ounce to the bounce, full of sizzling electronic beeps and bubbling with groove. Apparently Digi G’alessio has released eight albums in the last two years (!) under this name, experimenting with different sounds and styles, but here he seems to focus on a very specific feel, making the album’s sound very coherent, almost as if it was just one long sweet track. It’s all for free, btw, over on Bandcamp.


Very happy to have found this great music today, as it’s also led me to other nice producers also releasing on Overknights recordings, all for free too. I especially enjoyed Free’P’Hop by Low’N’Zac and Manuele Atzeni​’s ​B4TS (Beats For The Sleepwalker). Oh, and while you’re at it, you might also wanna check out Digi’s The Yellow Book album, out on Plynt records (free download, you guessed it).


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